DIY fashion outfit

Home made shift dress, scarf, bangle and sling bag

I was reading an on-line fashion newsletter. One of the – I don’t know how many – that I subscribe to. The gist of it, is that fashion bloggers are having an almighty influence on the fashion world. And sometimes, I honestly think I must be going mad. Almost every fashion blog that gets a mention in the fashion industry has an unending philosophy of buy, buy and buy yet more. How much clothing can a person possibly need?

Please watch this 21 minute animated video clip by Annie Leonard entitled – The Story of Stuff. Click here – The Story of Stuff. Watching her video changed me forever.

A book well worth reading along the same lines is called – To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out The World?

Apparently our buy and throw out culture equates to a staggering amount of harm to the planet which the author of the book explains in detail. You can read a review here – To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out The World.

I really hope with all my heart that my blog gives those of us who love clothes and fashion a way to have fun, minus the damage unrelenting consumerism causes. Google – Make New – a cute website that sells sustainable fashion.

My model is trying out the clashing prints trend. She is wearing a home made shift dress, a home made scarf, a home made sling bag and a bracelet made from old key rings. Her hat and her biker jacket were, I am sorry to say, bought new. Four out of the six items she is wearing are either home made or up cycled items.
She gets a 66% eco score today.

The instructions to make the items my model is wearing are all in the links to older posts below.

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