Embellished rosette T-Shirt

Rosette on T-shirt

I have been using these old white cotton sheets I inherited for all sorts of revamps. How about this idea?
My friend was wearing a bought T-shirt with a flowing sort of S-shaped design stitched to the front in a sheer fabric.

The idea appealed to me and since I have these old sheets, I decided to make a circular design with the sheeting.

I tore a long, thin strip off the edge of one of the sheets and pulled the loose threads so the edges would naturally fray. Next, using a needle and a long piece of thread, I made large stitches down the middle of the strip of sheeting. Once the stitching was complete, I pulled the fabric to gather the sheeting.

In the photo you can see that I have placed the gathered strip in a circular design and am about to sew it to the T-shirt with a sewing machine. But before I sewed it, I pinned the fabric shape to the T-shirt to keep it in place.

Once again, as with all restyling or up cycling of clothing, the variations are absolutely endless. You could play around with the design and choice of fabric. Imagine a soft floral rosette? That would be so summery. Maybe you could use a khaki colour and make lots of vertical lines to tap into the utility trend.

Like I always say, the only limitations to the permutations are a lack of imagination. I do make mistakes every now and again, but hey, it’s not like I spend a fortune on clothes anymore.

Those sheets just keep on being reused. I must remember to show  the tie dye scarves I made with tea, yes the stuff you drink, and fabric paint. Tie dye scarves are so hot right now and I make them for free. And, as if I don’t have enough OBI belts, I made another one using up yet more sheeting. This time, I stitched lace onto it for a romantic feel. See how to make an OBI belt here – make an obi belt.

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