Isabel Marant inpsired earrings

What you need to make these earrings

Just got back home around 40 hours ago from an epic overland tour of 4 southern African countries. I missed my blog but hey, I wasn’t going to let an opportunity like that pass me by. And since it was a camping tour, it’s fair to say, clothes and make up were not high on my priority list. In fact I never saw myself in a mirror at all some days. If you are interested in the trip you can read about it here – Africa part 1

I mentioned a post or two back that I wanted to work out how to make those gorgeous Out of Africa earrings by Isabel Marant. She can do no wrong in my eyes.

Isabel Marant earrings – Image source CoolSpotters

In the picture you should be able to see how I made them. I used a eye pin, which is the piece of wire with a loop at the end, a length of heavier wire, a pair of pliers and some African beads.

Basically the earrings are two pieces of wire with a loop at each end. The eye pin is silver and softer so I used that to fit through my ear. The other piece was heavier and the beads went onto that piece. You bend the wire into two matching half circle almost half oval shapes.

Then you join the two pieces of wire at one end to make a sort of hinge so they can open and close. At the other end I made a hook shape that fits through the loop.

The wire is soft enough that the hook fits through the loop when you put the earrings on or want to take them off. Gosh, sometimes these things are so hard to explain and yet so simple.

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See you right here next week.