How to add blog to your jeans

Using tape to embellish the pockets

Most high end or designer jeans come with fancy artwork on the pockets. Why not be your own designer and amp up the pockets on your jeans?And have a one of a kind pair of jeans to boot.

In the photo you can see I have used silver rick-rack to make a sort of design. I hand stitched the rick-rack in place. If you choose to machine stitch the pockets then you must accept they will be closed and un-usable. By hand stitching I can still slip my fingers into the pocket and keep the pocket free.

So, the options are limitless here. Embroider with a chain stitch, add sequins or beads, maybe a cute patch? And it’s not just the pockets you can play with. How about the side seam or the hems.

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See you next week.