Add trimmings to brighten up your sandals

Adding embellishments to sandals

I was in a fabric shop come haberdashery last week. It’s a luxury I allow myself every now and again. Wandering around and looking at the various fabrics and other items. This particular store is owned by a bridal and evening wear designer so he tends to have high end goods. Lots of white lace, satin, pearls and crystals.
Amazing how the stores differ in what they stock?

I was looking at the green trim and wondering how a person would use it. It seems a bit bulky for apparel. I had the sandals in the photo on and I suddenly realised it would work perfectly on my shoes. I bought a few more bits for other shoes I had in mind.

I read on another fashion blogger’s post how she takes wide ribbon or fabric and then gathers it with easy hand stitches down the middle. She pulls the stitching until it gathers and attaches it to the top of her strappy sandals. Love that idea. Might try it with netting.

The shop assistant suggested the Stop Fray to prevent the ribbon unravelling. Never heard of it. Who knew?
I want to finish this post so I can set about glueing the trims to my sandals. Can’t wait!

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