How to make a rope necklace

Plaited rope necklace

I am loving the rope and thread jewellery that is around at the moment. There are a few posts in my blog now with items made from rope, wool and thread.

The inspiration for this was a similar necklace a friend was wearing. I made a looser version in this post braided necklace. This time I only used rope and made the plait a lot tighter.

I wear it long as a single strand and not double like the photograph. It’s just I couldn’t get a close up picture without making it double.

It’s pretty simple to make. You need three pieces of rope. Plait them. Tie the ends together. I used a candle lighter to burn the ends. And that was it. It might look even better with metallic thread? There were charms interspersed in the necklace my friend was wearing.

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I will be back with more next week.