How to make lip and cheek tints

What you need to make tint

A few years back you couldn’t buy Benetint in South Africa. Then you could. And now it’s gone again.

I love it so much that I set about making my own cheek and lip tint. What’s so nice about water based tints is they last longer and I can wear a lip balm or lip treatment over them. You can’t apply a lip treatment over lipstick.

So to your own lip and cheek stain, you need: –

old nail polish or Benetint bottles
distilled water
a small glass jug
a dropper
food colouring

Start with a little distilled water in the jug and add the smallest amount of red food colouring. I used a tooth pick to add it a little at a time. Test the intensity of the tint on the back of your hand or a piece of paper towel.

Food colouring is mega strong and you really only need a little. For a more purple coloured red, add a tiny drop of blue food colouring and for more of an orange hue add yellow. You have to play with the proportions till you get it right.

When you are happy, use the dropper to fill your tint bottle and voila! Home made cheek and lip tint.
I re-use old cuticle oil bottles or my old Benetint bottles.

Last two tips. Work on a surface that you can wipe. And wear old clothes. Food colouring will permanently stain fabric if it spills.

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