How to make a beaded rope bracelet

Bead bracelet

This is a dead easy way to make a bracelet. I used a fairly strong waxed thread, one small button and glass beads.

You need to make a loop at the one end just big enough for the button to fit through. Not too big that the button slips off. Then slide beads onto your thread until you have enough beaded thread to wind the bracelet, once, twice, three times or as many times as you like around your wrist. 
Add your button to the thread and tie it at the shank to secure it. Cut the thread. I dabbed a spot of glue to the knots to make sure they stay put.
And voila! You have a cute new beaded bracelet. You can get creative with your buttons. Maybe a pearl or shell button would look better? You could make this as a necklace or ankle bracelet? And you can have fun mixing up the beads.

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Have a great eco friendly week.