Vintage and DIY fashion clothing

Applique tank top, rosette and O-ring bangles

Every couple of posts I haul out my ever growing stash of DIY clothes and accessories to dress up my model. It’s all good and well to make these things but how do they look as part of an ensemble?

My goal is always to restyle my existing clothing or make as much as I can to satisfy my clothing addiction and keep out of the shops.

Another thing I do is give my outfit of the day an eco rating. Will rate this one at the end of the post.

The white tank top is one of a few I customised a while back. You can use scraps of wool, rope or twine to create designs. Or make an applique like the one in this post. Read about that project here – DIY re-style your T-shirts.

The rosette goes back to this post – how to make a rosette. Am I the only one who loves badges, flowers and brooches? Patricia Field might be pleased. She got me going with corsages that Sarah Jessica wore in Sex and the City.

The bangles are a mixture of black rubber O-rings. Love them. One came off a piece of wrecked motor bike on the side of the road. The rest were a gift from a girl at yoga. You can buy them from the informal traders here. They call them zombies. Your local hardware come industrial supply store should also have them. Read this post for an unusual source for a bangle and a close up pic of finger sized O-rings – Rubber jewelry.

The scarf was a vintage buy. I still can’t believe they didn’t know it was Dior. I got it for next to nothing. I showed it with the shift dresses I was making in this post – vintage scarf
So, my model is wearing a scarf, jacket, rosette, tank top, O-rings and shorts. The jacket and shorts have been in my wardrobe a while, but I confess, I bought them new.

Four out of six items are home made or restyled clothing. My model gets a 66.6% eco rating.

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See you next week.