DIY clothing

Vintage crochet cardi + hand dyed T-shirt

Right! Time to test drive my DIY fashions. My trusty model is wearing a remodelled T-shirt. I lopped off the neck and sleeves and turned it into a tank top. Next I painted a large heart with fabric paint. I could have painted anything. “I love Cape Town”, or “Meat is murder” or perhaps used a collection of colours instead of just green. The instructions said I had to iron it on the wrong side to set the paint. Done. Tick. Let’s see how it washes.

Next up is a gossamer fine vintage crochet cardigan. Not really the sort of item to wear to keep warm. More the kind of thing a girl falls in love with and has to have for no other reason than it’s so pretty. The chains are from my hardware collection. I wear them and wear them.

The crushed velvet leggings were bought new. On sale, I will admit, but still new. So three out of four clothing items were home-made, vintage or upcycled fashion. My model gets a 75% eco fashion score.

There are some very good DIY fashion sites. I Spy DIY is a lovely one. Loads reasonably fast and has some excellent ideas. Love Maegan is also good but takes a while to load. I usually look for her DIY ideas rather than her daily outfits or family and friends posts. I absolutely love, love OutsaPop but it takes soooo long to load up. I suspect it’s my setup? I often have to abandon the site and try another day. Another favorite for a while now is PS I made this. Loads fast and lots of nice ideas. I used their rope bracelet idea in one of my posts

But, there has to be something to Jung’s synchronicity theory. How can it be that all these DIY fashionistas, even myself, are coming up with similar, and sometimes identical ideas? Are we all inspired by current fashion? Maybe?

To see 100s of ways to upcycle, make or even repair before rushing out and buying, check out the Greenie Galleries which are at the top of the page. Hopefully you will find lots of inspiration to be a great green fashionista.

More right here next week.