How to make chain drop earrings

Single chain earring

Sometimes, especially when I have just logged onto a blog with amazing photos, I am tempted to have more steps in my DIY fashion ideas or upgrade my camera for something a hellava lot fancier. What stops me is when the blogs jam and take what seems like hours to load. I am aware that there are few photos in my blog and not a lot of text either. Hopefully that translates into faster loading time. All I hoped to achieve with this blog was to share easy ideas for DIY fashionistas. I am also taking the view that most people are not entirely stupid and can more or less figure out what to do. Although I do realise that sewing is not always easy.

In this post it certainly couldn’t get easier. And sometimes, less is more. I made these single chain earrings yesterday. They consist of two equal lengths of chain and two shepherds hooks. Join the chain to the hook and that’s it! You could take more than one piece of chain. And you could have the multi strands of chain all one length or varying lengths. You may need an O-ring to hold the chains together and to attach to the shepherds hook. I may yet make a pair along those lines. One DIY at a time for now.

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See you in 7 days.