How to make harem pants

Add buttons to make harem pants

Here is another easy way to make harem pants out of existing trousers. I already had these workout pants in my wardrobe. All I did was make a fold to decrease the volume at the hem on the outer leg side of the trousers. You should be able to see how I made the fold in the photo. Next I put the trousers on to make sure my feet could fit through. And to check the whole look worked.

I hand sewed buttons to hold the fold in place and that was it! The idea would work with long or knee length gym pants. The only proviso is you need a bit of volume to be able to make the fold. You could also cut a pair of long trackie bottoms up to the knee and use this idea.

Harem pants on my model

It creates a cinched hem and allows the fabric to billow out to the side. It’s gives a slightly different look to gathering the whole hem.

Have a look at the harem pants on my model. The picture is taken from her side. It should help you to see how the pants will look. One the second pair of pants I only used one button. Now I have new style of yoga pants.

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