Eco fashion clothing

Button harem pants

I’m having another dressing up session with my model. This is meant to be a relaxed, fun Sunday afternoon scratching for bargains at the flea market type look. The quilted silver bag, the silver cuff and the fine white cotton vest were all bought. The rest is home-made or upcycled.

The necklace is a mix of varying length necklaces. There are pearls, white melamine and black plastic. I did my usual twisted necklace trick. See here for twisted bead necklace. Except because the lengths were so different, the strands of beads splayed out and gave a different effect. I liked it. Makes an easy statement necklace.

Next is the belt. It’s exactly what Isabel Marant is doing right now. I showed how to make simple skinny belts in this post –how to make a skinny belt.

Lastly the harem pants were also dead easy to make. Make a deep fold on the outer edge of the pants and sew a button to hold the fold in place. Have a look here for the how to how to make harem pants.

My model gets a 50% eco score for her outfit today. Mmm, not great but could be worse.

At the top of this page are the Greenie Galleries with lots and lots (yes really) of photos showing projects and tutorials which will hopefully help you be a green fashionista.

I will be back with more next week.