How to make a rope strap for a yoga mat

Make your own yoga mat strap

I had been looking for a bag for my yoga mat for a while. It’s a bit of a mission getting it to yoga classes on my scooter. So when I made rope bracelets a while back, I got the hang of a sliding knot. That got me thinking, why not use this knot to make a yoga mat strap? In the end I found these plastic gadgets in the photo which worked well.

Should you opt to make a strap for your yoga mat or any other bulky item for that matter, this concept will be ideal. The gist of this design, is a piece of rope with two adjustable knots at each end. You slide the knots along the rope to open and close and thus fit around your yoga mat.

Ah, you may ask, how do I make such a knot? Since my nickname is Miss Google, I would Google them. Key words such as adjustable knot, sliding knot or slip knot will lead you to videos and on-line instructions.

The Greenie Galleries at the top of this page are full of ideas to make your own or recycle old clothes. 

I will be back next week with more DIY inspiration to hopefully help you DIY and not buy.

All the best.