Wool embellished tops

Wool graffiti tank tops

I’m not sure what it is about these tank tops that compels me to keep making them. Maybe it’s because I wear them and never have enough in my wardrobe? The heart shape is a bit of a theme with me. Trailing wool from a ball onto a tank top and letting it land in random shapes creates such interesting designs. Almost like when you put spots of paint on a card, fold it in half, and then open it to see what you get. Or like watching clouds change shape as they float overhead. Its similar to taking a can of spray paint but you’re making wool graffiti.

Woman who dress larger than life like Rene Del Russo are inspirational. However, my clothing needs and daytime responsibilities require far more practical attire. Sigh! This is a small way to inject a dash of funk into my regular tank tops.

Once I have established a design, if you can call it that, I set my sewing machine to a stretch over-lock stitch and secure the wool in place.

Remember the greeting cards I made using sewing scraps and fancy stitches? See this post home made greeting cards. I’m liking the idea of wool graffiti cards for the next batch to be made.

Maybe the reason I keep making these wool applique patterns is nothing more than because I am a creature of habit.

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More next week.