Vintage scarf and gloves

Vintage scarf and gloves

None of this is home-made. I need a break today. In the picture is a green cotton hounds tooth neck scarf and a pair of black ostrich leather gloves. Bought the scarf in Scotland and the gloves in South Africa. Seems the wrong way round doesn’t it?

The combination lends a touch of 1950s biker babe or pin up girl style. Would work nicely with a pair of Isabel Marant 3/4 leg trousers. Just make a deep fold or turn up in your own trousers for the same look. Or a pencil skirt maybe? But you can see them together in your head.
It seems as if colours, designs and shapes have families they belong to. A heavy bohemian fringed bag would look daft added to this. I don’t particularly like the whole bohemian thing. It’s a bit scruffy looking and some woman seem to go completely over the top with it. Then again Sienna and Kate hogged fashion headlines for a few years in bohemian get ups, so what do I know? Style experts say that you should find your signature style and keep to it or only add similar style concepts. I guess that’s obvious really. Still love that rockabilly look. Balmain have moved on from where Isabel Marant left off. See here for the latest Balmain. Good. More of it!

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I will be back next week.