Green fashion clothing

Sling bag, applique tank top and easy beads

My long suffering model is posing again for me today. She never gets paid. She wears shearling in the sweltering African heat. She stands in the corner of my room while I dress her up and have fun. It’s a bit like playing with a grown up doll. I dress her in all the stuff I compulsively make to see how it looks put together.

The first component of her outfit is a home made sling bag. I have them in a bunch of colours. They are so easy to make so why not? See  here how to make a sling bag for instructions. And in this post make a sling bag you can see the bag in another colour.

The necklace is also home made. The green beads I made in this post twisted bead necklace. I mixed the green beads with some vintage white beads and made a twisted necklace. Click on this link how to make a twisted bead necklace for the how to.

The tank top was when I went mad and did crazy applique and stitching to give some of my T-shirts new life. Check out the applique T-shirt post and also this post customise your T-shirts for more. And finally the black satin harem pants I made in this post how to make harem pants.

Her eco fashion rating is high again today. Only the jacket was bought new. The rest of her outfit is upcycled or home made. Five out of six items gives her an eco score of 83%.

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Have a great green week.