Shell jewelry tutorial

Shell jewelry

This project is all my daughter’s idea. She had a collection of shells she picked up over the years. She decided to make jewelry out of them. I got this set from her as a gift. She gently filed small holes in the shells and then slipped an O-ring through the holes.

For the necklace, she simply added a chain. For the rounder shaped earrings, she added a shepherd’s hook. The teardrop shaped earrings were too fragile to make a hole so she glued a fixture to the earring that allowed her to fit a shepherd’s hook.

What a great way to remember a special beach holiday? Make your own jewelry from shells you collected. It could be a sea shell charm bracelet, a statement necklace, or you could glue shells to a pre-made ring base. Maybe even go mad and paint the shells?

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I will be back with more next week.