Home made clothing outfits

Longer length skirt + badge

Am loving the new longer length skirts. I mentioned this particular skirt pattern before. In this post make a long length skirt, I showed the same skirt in dark denim, with a sheer floaty embroidered hand-me-down top and a necklace with a metal washer.

In today’s version I have opted for my favorite no-iron fabric, in basic black. The top was bought new. Sorry about that. The necklace came from a craft shop. I bought the bits in various sizes and clipped them together. A few posts back make a clip necklace, I show the same necklace but in black and with an emerald green lingerie inspired top that I made.
The badge is another idea to amp up the nautical or military ambiance of an outfit. You can get badges in most haberdashery shops. I glued a brooch pin to this badge.

And the bangles? They have been around for a while. See the bangles galore post for a bit on wearing bangles. In that post I mentioned 1920’s socialite Nancy Cunard and her love of bangles. Have a look at this pic on Nancy Cunard and her bangles.

So, how is my model doing today? Three out of five items were made or crafted. She gets a 60% eco rating for her outfit.

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I am back next week with more.