Easy net underskirt tutorial

Use net or even lace for underskirt

In this post how to make a simple gathered skirt, I was discussing making simple gathered skirts. It’s such an easy way to make some of the new longer length skirts. I also said I wanted to make a net underskirt. An underskirt is like an extra long petticoat that peeks out below the hem of your skirt. I remember wearing them in white and black cotton anglaise.

Lace underskirt

You make the underskirt in exactly the same way as you do the simple skirt. I used a fine piece of netting. In the picture you can see I have already stitched the side seam but only pinned the casing for the waist elastic to fit in.

I chose to leave the hem raw but you could add black lace to the hem. Once the elastic has been set, your underskirt is good to wear. It gathers up nicely under a slim fitting skirt. The fuller you make the underskirt, the more it will ruffle under your skirt. Only thing is, it also adds volume to your hips.

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