DIY jodhpurs

Original H and M Jodhpur style treggings

A couple of posts back I showed how I gave a vintage tweed jacket some elbow patches. These H and M treggings on the right have the distinctive Jodhpur reinforced inner knee area but not the flared hip design. Good thing. Not so sure I want fabric billowing around my hips. The patch is dead easy to make. I used the exact same shape as the elbow patches on the jacket. It is two tea cups next to each other. Think O=O sort of shape.

My old pants with new Jodhpur style patches

The knee patches were cut from a piece of heavy black rib knit and hand stitched with thick embroidery thread to the knees. The stitches were large and course.  I wanted a rustic effect. Voila! I gained another pair of Jodhpur style trousers.


Jodhpurs originally come from a place called Jodhpur in India. They are based on a style of trouser called a Churidar. British tailors began making them for local riders.

In a previous post I was talking about the Rajput warriors in India and how they wear pieces of fabric as garments. I dredged up a photo I took of two blokes in Rajastan a few years back. I just love how they take what looks like a table cloth and turn it into trousers.

I guess back in the days, they didn’t have sewing machines, so that was how they made clothes. Don’t you just love their turbans? I couldn’t get over how heavy they are.

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See you soon.