DIY clip on badges

Add a brooch clasp to the back of a badge

In this post longer length skirt and badge I showed an outfit with the badge in the centre of the picture.

The two new badges on either side of the original badge in the picture, are about to be turned into brooch badges as well. The design needs to be right to give a nautical or military ambiance to a jacket. I found plenty badges but the designs were a bit, um, not really appropriate. Like along the lines of Mickey Mouse and Ferrari. Not what I would use.

So you need to find similar style badges and brooch clasps. Next spread wood glue on the back plus an extra dollop of wood glue where you plan to stick the clasp. Allow to dry. And you are good to go. Wear with a Breton stripe top or a trilby hat for a perfect summer outfit. Madame Chanel would be proud.

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I will be right here next week.