Inspiration for skirt patterns

Easy skirt patterns

As you can see I am not the world’s best artist. I haven’t mastered Windows Paint either.

However, I wanted to show just how easy it is to make either a simple gathered skirt or a circular skirt.

To see some of my skirts follow these links –

Skater Skirt + FREE Pattern.
Wrap Mini Skirt + Free Pattern.
Panel Skirt + FREE Pattern
Gathered Maxi Skirt + FREE Pattern

I’m assuming the person reading this has basic sewing skills. These easy skirts are great if you happen to have fabric to use up or want to make a couple of the new longer length skirts. The hardest part will be the closure.

If you look at the pictures you can see the structure of the patterns for either a gathered or a circular wrap skirt.

I strongly suggest you make a pattern from a piece of paper or newspaper. I never ever cut freehand. The important thing to consider is the length. You need enough fabric.

Also remember that you need to allow for seams all around plus a hem at the bottom. It’s better to be generous in your allowances and trim here and there, than be stingy and have to re cut your pattern

You will make the waistband to fit your waist measurements. Don’t forget the waistband folds in half longways. It can be as thick or as thin as you want. And again, don’t forget to add your seam allocation all around the waistband.

Also factor in a small overlap for a button, press stud or whatever closure you decide to use.

If the piece below the waistband, where the skirt joins together, is not too big, you can probably get away without fitting a zip. If not, then I’m afraid, you will have to sew a zip at the back. Zips and button holes are my very worst. See how to set a zip on this link – sewing a zip

The other option is to have a gathered waistband. You can see how I made a gathered skirt without a waistband in the link at the top of this page.

The only other big deal regarding the circular skirt is to make sure the inner circle will fit around your waist plus a bit to overlap. The skirt I have shown here is a wrap skirt. Since the skirt will wrap over itself, it won’t matter if it’s a touch too wide. And you won’t need to fit a zip for this skirt.

Visit the Greenie Galleries at the top of this page for lots more ideas to make your own, recycle or upcycle. 

I’m back next week with more DIY and eco fashion ideas.
Until then have a great green week.