Home made clothing and accessories

Today my model is wearing a bright lime coloured waistcoat. Which is a nod in the direction of the new acid brights that are creeping into fashion. That waistcoat was white. It was dyed professionally and now that it’s a vibrant bright green, I find I can wear it more often. You may remember the waistcoat from an older post? lime dyed waistcoat.

The chain around her neck is from our local hardware store. It’s the sort of chain that is usually attached between poles to keep cars and people out of places. A touch heavy, so I wouldn’t wear too many layers or you could end up with backache.

The rosette is also hand-made but not by me. It’s dead easy to make. Roll a length of ribbon or fabric around itself and then pinch to make a base.  The striped T-shirt and denim leggings were bought I’m afraid to say. But hey, three out of five items of clothing were up cycled.

If you like making your own or feel compelled to be as green as possible then check out the Greenie Galleries at the top of the page. I’ve archived 100s of tutorials. It’s a real mix of sewing, crafting, upcycling, fabric painting, and much more.

See you here next week.