Vintage fashion outfit

Selection of homemade, vintage and recycled

In the photo is the most beautiful black chiffon pussy bow blouse. I bought it second-hand years ago and have worn it to death. It cost the equivalent of a cup of coffee. I think it’s a relic from the 80’s, but hey, what do I care!

I have mixed it with pearl beads mentioned a few blogs back, a coin chain necklace mentioned many posts back and the jeans that came back to life as a pair of citi shorts also mentioned in a previous post. Oh, and an armful of bangles.

Much as I love loading up on bangles, I do find they are not always very practical to wear en masse. Taking a jacket on and off means all the bangles have to all come on and off and quiet places don’t lend themselves to the never ending banging of bangles. I wouldn’t wear to them to meetings or the library but a bar or club should be fine.

Who ever said fashion was practical anyway. Towering heels, beehive hairdos, platforms, sheer fabrics, midriff baring or super short anything. Seems an awful waste of time and money to invest in a quirky new look only to find impossible to conduct normal activities because the outfit or accessory is just so impractical. I should work on a list of the dumbest fashions ever.

The Greenie Galleries at the top of this page have 100s of photos of older and newer projects showing multiple ways to make your own clothing and accessories. There are also ideas to recycle or upcycle.

See you soon.