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Red lips and lipstick

It’s not only clothes and accessories that constitute an outfit. Hair and make up are part of it too. It’s amazing how you can tell a persons age by what they wear. Whole generations cling to the clothes they felt good in before, and don’t anymore.

I just love how the 50’s and 60’s fashions are all coming back. Vintage clothing was made with love and made to last. Although the cut and shape was a lot more modest then, the woman were more provocative. Think Marilyn Monroe oozing out of a figure fitting dress. Then think of the LA girls giving us a flash a la Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. I know which I think is sexier. Less is more if you ask me.

One season we love natural, next season we all want full on. Red lips are hot and right now they are everywhere. And red, like green and blue, all colours come in varying undertones and shades. There is a red lipstick for everyone. I went and and bought the Dita Von Teese lipstick at MAC. She’s up there with Alexa Chung in my good books for always behaving with style and dignity. She never ran to the tabloids when her and Marilyn Manson broke up. Good on her. One classy lady.

I also splashed out on an orange red and pink red lipstick. Hey lipstick is affordable and yet another easy way to perk up your look for the coming season. Anything Katy Perry, sorry Katy Brand can do, I can do

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See you soon.