Easy ways to upcycle clothes with buttons

Selection of buttons

This post is about changing buttons to alter the appearance of an item of clothing. I showed in a previous post how I gave an old jacket more of a military edge. Most cardigans, jackets, shirts, whatever come with rather dowdy buttons. Which is such a pity when buttons can alter the look and feel of of a garment. Sometimes dramatically.

Most good haberdasheries have buttons but the quality may vary considerably. Flea markets and vintage shops sometimes have button tins or jars that someone no longer wants or needs. Consider shell, clay or wooden toggles as alternatives to boring basic matchy, matchy plastic buttons.

Maybe use pearl or crystal buttons for a romantic shirt or a soft cardigan. Think bold brass buttons for a preppy jacket or nautical styled shirt. How about alternating different coloured buttons or use buttons in a contrasting colour.

If you can locate Fimo®, you could make your own buttons or try your hand at making trade beads into buttons. A friend does it by slicing Fimo® and layering it, then she rolls it into long sausages and slices it, like a salami. You need to poke holes in the “buttons” and bake them at low heat. I made brooches a good few posts back with Fimo® Fimo brooch

You could even use buttons in lieu of beads. How about creating a heart shape out of buttons on one of the easy tote bags I showed earlier? easy tote bag

The Greenie Galleries at the top of this page have 100s of photos of older and newer projects showing multiple ways to make your own clothing and accessories. There are also ideas to recycle or upcycle.

See you soon.