How to make a chain and ribbon necklace

Cascading necklace

These cascading chain necklaces are so easy to make. In the photo on the right I took anything I could lay my hands on and mixed it all together to make a long chain. I used bits of thinner chain, bits of thicker chain, key rings and even a regular ring. Then I lay the chain out on a flat surface and made a sort of S shape allowing each bend to become a little bit shorter.

Next I collected the chain at the left and at the right with an O-ring to hold it in place. The O-ring must hook through the chain to secure it. Finally I threaded a piece of velvet ribbon through the left and right sections and made a bow at the back of the neck.

How to make a cascading necklace

The headband is another older project of mine. See here for instructions how to make headbands

The shirt is hand made and vintage. Love it, love it, love it. Live in it! The shorts are new and bought, but three out of four items are either made or vintage so I can give my model a 75% eco score.

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