Bib necklace inspiration

Brooches on bib necklace

I have pondered my reasons for writing this blog before. It’s not a blog dedicated the aspiration to buy this or buy that. But rather, my attempts to make do with what I already have. The reduce, re-use and recycle ethos. Yesterday I took a couple of hours and went Internet surfing. Since most blogs profiled in the fashion mags tend to be industry insiders or fashionistas expounding the virtues of the latest “must have” item, I was feeling unique.

Then I stumbled upon the eco fashion website Ecouterre. I was lost to the world for hours. Going back through their not insubstantial older posts was heaven. Amazing stuff going on in the world. How exiting! A Dutch girl who set a challenge not to buy a single thing for a year. Not even underwear. A designer who makes jewellery out of car tyre tubes. There is hope.

My mum tells me it used to be like that all the time when she was a child. They made underwear out of old flour bags during the war. They even unpicked their jerseys to make new ones. She recalls how they washed the wool to take the kinks out of it.

Todays’ post features the same brooches I showed on a chain a wee while back. See here – how to wear brooches on a chain At the outset of this blog I showed how to make bib necklaces. See here – how to make a bib necklace
It occurred to me to put two together for a new twist. And would I ever dream up new ways to work and wear my clothes and accessories? Hell yes! The slip top also goes back to the early days of this blog. I went mad and made a bunch of them. See here for the instructions make a slip top

I really should get around to finding myself a proper person to show my outfits. My trusty model never complains but her proportions are not easy to style. Her shape is quite at odds with my human form. Her hips are smaller than mine and her chest wider. Her breasts are horizontal and her hands and feet are minuscule. Who designs these models?

The Greenie Galleries at the top of this page have 100s of photos of older and newer projects showing multiple ways to make your own clothing and accessories. There are also ideas to recycle or upcycle.

See you soon.