Plaited trimming and fabric necklace

Braided necklace

This is a rather rustic ethnic inspired necklace. A friend was wearing one similar to this but with multiple strands of ribbon in a riot of colours with cute charms interspersed in it.

For my version, I used only three strands. Just enough to make a plait. There is a long strip of green felt. The felt was in my cupboard. There is a length of thin white ribbon. And I had a piece of thicker sheer black ribbon.

I took a clothes peg to hold the three long pieces together and loosely plaited them. Every now and again, I threaded in a black rubber washer or a silver coloured metal washer. If you look on the top right side of the photo, you will even see some nuts. Think nuts and bolts! Those nuts. I bought these items in packets at the hardware for the rope bracelets I made a while back. Seemed a good idea to use them up. After plaiting a long enough piece, I knotted each strand together and then sort of shook it loose to settle. And that was it.

You could use up fabric off-cuts, wool, embroidery thread, just about anything, as long as you have enough to plait. You could make bangles too. I’m not sure a ring would work, but I’m the sort that would try it. This is quite a bold and unusual item so I wear this with sedate and classic clothing. I would also mix it with a long silver chain.

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See you soon.