Recycled electric cable bracelets

How to wind a Scooby Doo bangle

To make these Scooby Doo bangles you need electric cable. I found a few meters of 10 core cable.

To make them, use a Stanley knife or blade, and please, taking great care, slit the outer plastic cover lengthwise.

Pull away the outer plastic cover. It should tear off easily. You will have a selection of coloured electric wire to play with.

Look to the top left of this photo. There is a ring in pink covered wire that I am winding. This ring should help to convey how the rings, bangles, choker-necklaces or whatever are made.

Basically you take a length of wire to fit the ring size or bangle size you want to make. Allow a bit extra for a loop at one end and to make a hook at the other end. Fold the wire back making a loop at your chosen length.

Begin to roll or twist the wire back onto the length you have taken. Try to wind nice and close together to create the illusion of little beads. Leave a little bit of wire unwound at the end to use as a hook. You slip the last unused piece through the loop to close the bangle. Cut away any surplus wire with a wire cutter.

There are a couple of Scooby Doo bangles in the picture as well. They look nice worn together or as mentioned in the last post with some blessing bracelets such as a kalava or mauli bracelet. I do my own rope bracelets. It’s a nice way to wear a special crystal. It makes wearing jewellery special.

If you are familiar with macrame bangles and know how to work with multi strands, you could use a couple of strands of wire and make macrame-esque bangles out of electric wire.

Have a look at the completed Scooby Doo bangles – here. A newer blog post showing more of the technique but with wire can be found – here.

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