Making medal accessories

Military restyled jacket

This jacket was minding it’s own business being a regular muted green basic. I like the military trend, so I tried to give it a bit more metal. First to go were the plastic buttons. In came some metal buttons. Next I found these silver coins that I could use as medals. I attached them with safety pins. And I added a belt with a strong military feel to complete this jacket’s transformation.

I need to try and find real medals or coins in the vintage shops. I want to attach them to striped ribbon to create military style medals or brooches that I can wear to give some of my other jackets more of a military feel.

It also occurred to me that I could use pieces of strapping to create epaulets on the shoulders or find chevron badges to restyle some of my existing clothing. Half the fun is hunting down bits and pieces that are used to restyle old clothes.

The Greenie Galleries at the top of this page have 100s of photos of older and newer projects showing multiple ways to make your own clothing and accessories. There are also ideas to recycle or upcycle.

See you soon.