How to make a bubble coat

Bubble coat

I showed in a previous post how I turned a regular skirt into a bubble skirt by slipping elastic into the the hem. I thought it might be nice to have a bubble coat too. So I did the same to this coat. It’s really easy.

You need to get a sense of how much you want to gather the hem and cut a piece of firm elastic a touch longer.
I used a safety pin and hooked it through the elastic and then threaded it into the hem and along, inside the fold of the hem.

Pin the elastic so it stays in place where you start. You may have to unpick the hem a little bit to be able to gain access inside the fold.

At the other end, pin the elastic and then spread the gathers evenly along the hem. Check you have the right amount of fullness, and if you are happy, cut and hand stitch the elastic in place.

And as said in the post with the bubble skirt, if you have had enough of this bubble business, well then unpick and remove the elastic and return the skirt or coat to it’s former shape.

As for the scarf? No that’s not a scarf. That is a piece of rib knit that I bought in the bargain corner of our local fabric shop. I was on about how easy it is to make scarves a few posts earlier. This length of rib knit cost me about ZAR20. That’s about $3 or £2. Not exactly breaking the bank.

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See you soon.