Sun dress from an old table cloth

This triangle shaped sun dress is so easy to make. I will admit I downloaded this particular pattern for free but I wish I hadn’t. This download version has four pattern pieces.

Hence the seam in the front of this dress in the picture. The easy version has two. The other reason I wish I hadn’t used a download pattern is … sizes vary from country to country.

I ended up making this dress too small and had to add two panels to the sides to make it fit. Recognise the tablecloth that got stained from a few posts back? I got two dresses out of it.

Basically this dress is a narrow triangle shape. You need to take your measurements and fit them to the triangle. Don’t forget to allow a seam allowance around the sides.

Cut the apex of the triangle off to make a neckline. Stitch the sides leaving a section un-sewn below the apex for your arms to fit through.

Hem the un-sewn sides pieces, then make a deep hem in apex part to allow ribbon to pass through for the shoulder straps. Hem the lower end of the dress or the hemline.

For a more recent version of this dress and a FREE sewing pattern – please click here.

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