Fashion is a great way to express your character. It’s also an easy way to look a right mess. I have to watch myself as I fall in love with colours and items and textures and start to pile it all on. A bangle here and a scarf there and next thing, it’s clean over the top.
That tending toward over the top look has an appeal of it’s own. Done correctly.
I read somewhere that there is a 6 point rule. Bland basics count for 0. Bright accents such as jackets, shoes or jewellery and scarves each carry a point. The trick is not to go over 6 points.
Or so that person said.
And the relevance to this skirt? Nothing. This skirt came with pin tucks and I added a strip of black lace to give it some something. I don’t think it ups the skirt’s points much. But it does make the skirt a teeny bit prettier.