I was back at the fabric shop today. I could visit the bead and fabric shops and wander around all day long simply looking at the stuff for sale.
I’m not convinced the price of an outfit is what makes it special. It’s the juxtapostion of shapes and colours as well as a mix of basics and accessories that makes an outfit.

In the picture is a plain white T-shirt with black leggings. I added a stainless steel chain that has … key rings … interspersed in the chain. I went on to make a necklace out of key rings. Will show that soon.
And I bought a 75 centimetre piece of 159 centimetre width silk and turned it into this scarf. No need to hem the edges. It looks fine, just remove any loose threads. Oh and there are two cheap plastic bangles to finish the look. This whole outfit cost not much more than a meal out. The silk scarf is the most expensive item by far.