How to make skinny leg jeans

Got a wardrobe full of bootleg jeans? Love skinny leg jeans? Change them. The inside leg of your jeans is usually a flat easy seam unlike the outer leg seam.

  1. Pin the inner leg as per the big white stitching in the picture. 
  2. Fit the jeans, trying not to poke yourself with the pins. 
  3. Check they are not too tight or too loose.
  4. Then stitch the jeans. 
  5. Cut away the excess fabric and over-lock or zig-zag the edges so the fabric doesn’t unravel. 

And just like that, you have a new pair of jeans. This works on skirts too. Turn a wide skirt into a pencil skirt the same way.

For an updated version of this DIY follow this link – how to taper the leg of your trousers.

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See you soon.