How to distress denim

Distressed jeans are one of those fashion items I don’t get. Why would someone want to wear grotty clothes? But I semi bought into the look. In the picture is a pair of old black jeans. I took a foot scourer and “wore” them out a bit. The effect is subtle and it’s not like the jeans are gaping or falling apart.

While I am having a bit of a rant on ugly clothes. Another look I also find too awful is the hems dragging on the floor effect. Do people not look what is on the streets? Spent chewing gum, urine, cigarette stumps, doggie do, saliva, car oil, and more unmentionable stuff.

Then people actually step the hems of their trousers or skirts into that grime. The hems become frayed and bedraggled from repeated tramping.

No seriously, I do not understand that.

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See you soon.