How to make a warm shawl

In the picture is another one of these shawls I bought in India. The range of colours and designs in their fabrics is mind boggling. I knew I had to buy a few while I had the chance. My only problem was the minute I started buying I was surrounded by what seemed like a zillion people all trying to sell to me too. It can get seriously overwhelming. You buy as much or as little of the fabric as you like. Unless there is a pattern, then you buy one or two repeats of the pattern. Look out for the fabric at your local Oriental Plaza.

I also bought Indian towels or Kerala towels. They look more like a tea towel or a dish cloth in that they do not have that looped pile or knobbly effect on the surface. They are made from Kerala cotton which is apparently more absorbent yet dries faster. For travelling they are the best ever. They fold up to a quarter of the size of a regular towel yet work just a well as a regular towel.

See a similar piece of fabric on my model in – this link.

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