Denim bag tutorial

Sometimes these items are so much harder to explain than they are to make.

Here are the instructions for yesterday’s sling bag. It consists of two rectangles of firm fabric about 80centimetres by 40centimetres. I have hand stitched in big black stitches in the picture to show how it is put together.

Basically you stitch from about halfway down the sides to close the lower end of the bag. Rotate the bag halfway around and then stitch the top or strap part of the bag.

I have not shown this in black stitches but you would sew the bottom of the bag closed. That is the bit to the left of the picture

Now turn it inside out and hem the edges. I machine stitch them as you gather the handle or strap part so you don’t see much of the stitching. I hand stitch the gathers to hold them in place. Voila! You have a new sling bag.

NB! I have redone the instructions for this bag in a newer post. They are much easier to follow.
Click on – this link – to get to them.

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See you soon.