Skinny scarf tutorial

In the picture are three long, oval shaped scarves. They are double sided.

To make – cut two identical shapes, stitch shapes together, leave a small bit open to turn inside out, nip to the seams, turn scarf inside out, and iron flat.

I have explained nipping in a previous post. It is an important part as it allows the seams to splay open so the curves can form.

The middle scarf was bought at Greensleeves’s, my favourite vintage shop in Stellenbosch. It was the inspiration for the others. Don’t you just love the colours and design of the vintage scarf?

The width is entirely up to you. My scarves are 20 cm wide at the widest part in the middle and narrower at the ends. The length is 1.6 meters. I make these out of the leftover bits of fabric from a sewing session. Sometimes I have to stitch pieces together to get the full length. In the next posts I will show how I wear them. You won’t see that I have patched bits of fabric together to make the scarves.

To see how to wear them have a look – here – and – here.

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See you soon.