Charm necklace tutorial

Charm necklaces

Here is a similar idea to the mantra bracelet a few posts back. It’s a charm necklace. The charm necklaces in the shops were plastic and not very nice looking. So I made my own.

It comprises a length of chain, a large O-Ring for the clasp to hook into, a small O-Ring to attach the clasp to the chain and a clasp. Then you gather charms.

I picked crystals with the right energy, some sterling silver charms, a glass leaf and a coin with a hole in the middle. Hook the charms on first before you add the clasp or they might not slide onto the chain.

Charm necklace and bracelet

The bracelet next to the necklace was similar but a thicker and shorter chain and this beautiful heart charm. You can buy chain and attachments in silver if you want better quality jewellery or are allergic to other metals.

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See you soon.