Harem pants tutorial

Harem pants or Turkish pants have been the business for a season or two now. One never knows which trends are going to linger and which will pass quickly. My preference is to try a trend in a classic or restrained sort of way.

And of course if I can re-cycle something I already have, rather than buy new, then all the better.

So here is one way to get the gathered ankle style that is so fashionable right now. These were a pair of leggings that quite frankly did not have enough lycra or spandex, whatever it is that makes leggings fit snugly. They were a bit loose and behaving more like pajama pants. One could probably use pajama pants or comfy fit trousers.

I bought some rib trim. The kind of stuff they use to finish necklines and wrist bands on T-Shirts. I cut it slightly narrower than the circumference of the hem of these leggings. Which is fine because rib trim is very stretchy. I also cut it double the length I wanted as you fold it over to attach it. Will continue the instructions in the next post – click here.

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See you soon.