Rib trim cuff pants

Following on from yesterday’s Harem or Turkish pants. Click here to see.

In the picture to the left you can see how to cut and stitch the rib trim. At the top you can see the leggings and how the rib trim is folded in half and then attached to the leggings. The leggings must be inside out. To the right of the picture is the finished item. Inside out.

The important thing is the rib trim must be narrower than the lower end of the trousers for it to gather. However the rib trim must also be able to fit over your feet and have enough stretch that it will fit the circumference of the trouser hem. Pin the rib trim evenly to the hem before stitching. Check you are happy it is fitting nicely. Select a stretch stitch on your machine and sew. You can cut the rib trim longer or shorter to vary the look.

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See you soon.