Sewing machine stitches

Plain white T-Shirts are a wardrobe staple. But what if they are a little too plain – and white? Toughen up a T-Shirt with a bit of stitching. I turned this T-Shirt inside out and using a ruler drew a sort of zigzag design lightly in pencil.
I set my sewing machine to a decorative and stretchy stitch and stitched over where I had marked with pencil.
You can use any colour thread and if your machine has a variety of stitch patterns – lucky you. You could even do double rows of stitching or create check type designs with multiple colours. Have fun with the designs.

The necklace is strip of course chain. Cut the chain at the appropriate length. Add an O-ring an a clasp at each end and voila! Gives the T-shirt a punk feel.

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See you soon.