Sewing project Tote bag

In the picture is an easy to make tote style bag. They are ideal for the gym but also for travelling. I manage to cram this bag full when I am on the move and because the bag is soft I always manage to squeeze it into the “hand luggage must fit in here” box at airport counters.

I suggest you use a firm fabric such as canvas or denim to give the bag shape. The bag consists of two large rectangular pieces for the main part of the bag, two straps and a facing for the top of the bag. The facing is a piece exactly the same size as the width at the top of the bag but only needs to be about 15cm.

Start by stitching the straps. You can either fold over the long rectangle shapes for the straps and stitch on one side. Turn the straps inside out and press them. I fold the edges inward as if I was going to make a hem and stitch them down flat to make it easier.

Click on this link for the rest of the instructions – how to make a tote bag part 2.

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