Making bib necklaces

I am loving the new bib necklaces. To make these two I found a large pasta bowl and traced the basic outline onto a piece of paper. I fiddled with the proportions, holding the pattern to my neck, till I got shapes I was happy with.

And I made sure the pattern was symmetrical by folding it in half.

A seam allowance was added to the outline of the bib part of the necklace and the pattern was complete.
I used some leftover fabric and some interfacing to make sure the bib part would be firm enough. The ties were pieces of ribbon. The ribbon was pinned to the sides and I stitched the fabric leaving a small piece open so I could turn the necklace inside out. Then I ironed the necklace flat and added the detail.

Nip the seams before you turn it inside out or it will pull and pucker. Be careful to avoid nicking the stitching when you nip. Nipping is when you cut from the edge of the fabric to the seam so it splays open allowing curves to open out and take the correct shape.

The white bib necklace has a vintage brooch and I stitched different pieces of sparkly trim onto the black bib necklace.

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See you soon.