Home made semi precious stone necklace

Here is the slip top in a matte black fabric with a necklace I made. I bought a piece of Moss Agate at the Bead Shop and used some wire to make a post. Add the agate to a length of chain and the bits that are required for the clasp and you have a necklace.

I bought the original slip or lingerie top some time back and I loved it so much. It can be worn to the gym, over a shirt as a sort of tank top and is ideal on hot days or evenings.

The original top was the basis for the pattern. I always cut a prototype in paper or newspaper so I can get the pattern exactly right before I cut the fabric. Read that post – here.

The important things for making this or any pattern is that you must allow a seam allowance on the sides and a hem allowance at the bottom. Add that measurement around the edge of your pattern.

You must also make sure the pattern is perfectly symmetrical or it will be skew. I fold it in half down the middle or lengthwise to check and then trim the pattern to get both sides exactly the same.

It is also important to note that the pattern for these tops in particular is not cut from a stretchy fabric nor are they made in a stretchy fabric. That is a whole different method of sewing.

The drape in these tops comes from cutting them on the bias or crossways on the fabric.
Lastly I used bias binding in a matching colour to finish off the top edges and make the skinny straps. So no seam allowance was necessary around the top of the pattern. This top can be made in a couple of hours and the variations are endless.

Here – is another version of this camisole top.

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