Fabric Charm Necklace

Fabric Charm Necklace This fabric charm necklace is a perfect way to use up a fabric scraps and anything you can lay your hands on from lucky charms, buttons, beads and even plastic junk from lucky packets or Christmas crackers. It's meant to be fun. I don't claim to...

Half Moon Earrings

Half Moon Earrings The inspiration for these Half Moon Earrings came from Pinterest while I was looking at wire jewellery ideas. Wish I could remember who shared it, but the idea stuck in my head. I bought the silver wire from a local jewelery supply shop and already...

Fabric Bracelet

Fabric Bracelet The inspiration for these fabric bracelets came from a blogger called - Thriftanista in the City. She has lovely step by step instructions to make her bangles. One thing she did, which I was too lazy to do but really should have done, is fold her...

Lace Choker

Lace Choker Am a bit choker obessed at the moment. Made this lace choker as well as a . . . . .  Shweshwe Choker, Strapping Choker and a Ribbon Choker. You need: - a piece of lace trimming about 30 centimtres long (or more for just in case) matching colour thread or...

Easy Earrings

Easy Earrings One of my favourite - and easiest things to make - are stud earrings. Easy earrings I call them. If you have a great haberdashery or bridal shop near you, that's the perfect place to take a gander at their buttons. You're looking for a button with a...

Mixed Medium Rings

Mixed Medium Rings     No secret I love fashion. But also worry about the burden cheap throw-away fashion is placing on the environment. This blog is all about how I try to keep up with the latest trends by making my own, or even better up-cycling and...

Pearl String Bracelet

Pearl String Bracelet The inspiration for this pearl string bracelet came from bracelets I see on yogis when I go to class. They seem to be knotted on, never to come off. And while I like that, I also like the option of being able to remove a bracelet. I came up with...

Cord Necklace

Cord Necklace This has to be the easiest DIY ever. And what's nicer than a black cord necklace? It's also bang on trend. You can pick a different coloured cord but I think black works best. All you need is a piece of cord. If it's a bit long then wrap it around your...

DIY Bracelet

DIY Bracelet Have I mentioned before how obsessed I am with upcycling just about anything into fashion items? Yes and yes. This DIY bracelet is the little sister of a similar necklace. And is made the exact same way, only smaller. Find the tutorial - on this link. I...

Silk and Stone Necklace

I have a bit of an obsession with rocks and crystals. They have powers we know of like a silicon chip in your computer to the more esoteric properties such calming energy emitted by rose quartz. Diamonds aren't an accidental choice for an engagement ring. Knowledge of...

Crochet Necklace

Crochet Necklace The point of this eco fashion blog is not to see me in a zillion poses in my clothes. Nope, it's to show how I up cycle, recycle, re-purpose, restyle - anything - to avoid the huge temptation to buy, buy buy. It's a battle not to want lovely new...

Meet Greenie

My name is Karen. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. This blog is about how to make your own, how to recycle, restyle and up-cycle.











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