Elegant Tote Bag

Elegant Tote Bag Make this simple elegant tote bag in a nice firm printed cotton, bright coloured bull denim, canvas or ordinary denim in just over an hour. Here's how. You need: - 2 x pieces of firm fabric 40 centimtres wide x 50 centimtres long matching colour...

Round Handle Bag

Round Handle Bag Have been wanting lovely bamboo handles to make a bag forever. Could. Not. Find. Them. These round handles came up during a rummage in a charity shop attached to a very tired old bag. Immediately knew I could re-use them to make a new bag. I bought a...

DIY Bags – FREE Sewing Patterns

Have been busy putting together a compilation of all my DIY fashion posts and this one is all about DIY Bags - FREE Sewing Patterns. Can't believe how much I've made over the years! Yesterday I was wearing a black off-shoulder dress and someone said, " I love your...

Reusable Shopping Bag

By making a reusable shopping bag you can make a big difference to the planet and have an easy to carry bag for your food and groceries.

DIY Over Shoulder Bag

Over shoulder bag DIY Over Shoulder Bag The point of this blog, always has, and always will be about making clothes and accessories by recycling, up-cycling or DIY fashion. This easy DIY Over Shoulder Bag was made out of leftover fabric from - this rain poncho - and...

Monk Bag + FREE Sewing Pattern

Monk Bag + FREE Sewing Pattern I love, love light cloth bags as opposed to the heavy leather variety. I tend to carry "everything but the kitchen sink" in my bag. Therefore it needs to be as light as possible from the get go. My absolute favourite bag is - this one....

Sixty Second Scarf Bag

Make a bag in a minute Got a scarf? Plus two hoops? And one minute? Then you have what it takes to make this bag. And here's the best bit. When you're done for the day, you can change the scarf to make another bag with your same hoops. One minute scarf bag I saw...

Restyle a Shopper Bag

Kale shopper bag You may have seen me restyle a shopper bag in - this post. Not meaning to be ungrateful for freebie cloth shopper bags but they are usually emblazoned with the generous companies logo and or product. I prefer to be a little low key on that score. Kale...

DIY Bright Coloured Fabric Bag

Fabric Bag FREE sewing pattern and tutorial This bag does heavy rotation in my life. I've got at least a dozen of them. They are large and roomy so I can pack them full. But they are light so you are not carrying the weight of the bag as well as the contents. And it's...

Tapestry Bag

Sewing tutorial for a cloth bag Easy tapestry fabric bag I've raved about this particular style bag so many times. And made it a good few times too. Click on these links to see this bag in other fabrics - Green African print cloth bag  and  Cream bull denim cloth bag....

How to Upcycle a Cloth Shopping Bag

What to do with a Free Cloth Shopping Bag A person should never moan about their life on a blog. Having said that I'm a bit stressed. I've been Upcycled cloth shopper bag away for 9 weeks and a month before that I was away for 6 weeks. I try to schedule blog posts but...

Back Pack Tutorial + FREE Sewing Pattern

How to make a backpack Easy back pack I've been wanting to make a small back pack for a while. Love, love the Alexander Wang version. I wanted to use natural rope as I had some textured curtain fabric left over from the Kimono top I made a while back. See that - on...

Boho Tote Bag + FREE Pattern Instructions

How to make a bohemian tote bag I will try to make just about anything. Not all of my attempts are great. Some don't make the pages of Boho Tote this blog. But some turn out perfect. This is one of those attempts. It's not like I haven't made a good few tote bags....

Meet Greenie

My name is Karen. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. This blog is about how to make your own, how to recycle, restyle and up-cycle.











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